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Here is another clip from Fringe for your online enjoyment.

We are working on planning for another YEGprov performance. More information coming soon.

YEGprov – Space Jump from YEGprov on Vimeo.


Punishment” is a game where the actors get a suggestion from the audience and try to do a serious scene. If they make the audience laugh they get hit with a pool noodle as their “punishment.”

YEGprov – Diva from YEGprov on Vimeo.

When thinking about this twitter improv show, we wanted to create some new games that would make use of what twitter can do.

This is a game we invented called “Business Presentation.”

People can tweet in photos or images from their phones. The improvisors get a product suggestion from the audience (in this case toothbrushes). Then they have to pitch their product to the board or shareholders using random images as their PowerPoint. They have no idea what images might be coming up, but they have to make them work to sell their product or idea.

Here are Randy and Devin pitching toothbrushes.

YEGprov – Toothbrush from YEGprov on Vimeo.

As of this morning we have managed, to our utter amazement and delight, to be trending #YEGprov THIRD in Edmonton. The only items above us currently are #yeg and #yegfringe.

Thanks to ALL of our amazing crowds so far this festival. You guys have truly embraced our little social media-improv experiment with open phones and fast fingers. For this I thank you wholeheartedly.

Just to show I’m not full of hooey, here’s a screen capture from just a few minutes ago. (click to enlarge)

#YEGprov - Trending 3rd in Edmonton on August 15, 2011

#YEGprov - Trending 3rd in Edmonton on August 15, 2011

– We ONLY have 6 shows left. Nightly at 9:15pm in BYOV #12. INFO/TIX LINK!
– Each show has a different Host, players, games and results!. So feel free to come more than once.
– Did you know #YEGprov has a “home version”?!?!?! All you have to do is follow @YEGprov and you will get requests for suggestions via our twitter feed. Also, search #YEGprov and you can watch each show as it unfolds on the twitterverse. You can participate without even being there! Of course, if you ARE there then you get to see what we DO with those suggestions. 😉

Thanks again everyone.
More video clips are coming soon!

– Paul (creator, host, player, fringe alcoholic)

YEGprov – Rashomon from YEGprov on Vimeo.

YEGprov – Conductor from YEGprov on Vimeo.

Woo-hoo! Opening night for #YEGprov was last night and it Rocked the House!

We are happy to report that #YEGprov is trending in Edmonton! currently has 5 Fringe related “Twitter Trends in Edmonton“:

  • #yegfringe
  • fringe
  • #latenightcabaret
  • #yegprov
  • cabaret

We hope to have a few clips of the Friday night #YEGprov show up soon, if all went well with our video camera 🙂