#YEGprov Comedy Troupe

(Six members of the #YEGprov troupe will be improvising at each show and one will be your host.)

Leah Anderson

Leah Anderson is proud to be one of the ladies in #yegprov and while new to both twitter and improv, she was blown away by the love from the audiences at Fringeopolis.  She promises to keep the fellows from doing unnecessary drag schtick. Though most of them look more relieved than disappointed.

Scott C. Bourgeois

Scott is a past member of Survival Improv. You may have heard him on the radio or on his podcast “The Unknown Studio.” Scott’s last Fringe show “Game Face” earned a Sterling award nomination for Outstanding Fringe New Work (with co-writer Morgan Smith). Scott is here to have fun, and he hopes you are too.

Randy Brososky

Randy has been acting professionally for film, television and theatre since 1993. Film credits include The Pharmacist and All My Sins. Television appearances include Mixed Blessings, and Guinea Pig. His stage credits include Cyrano de Bergerac, and Jailbait. He also street performs and occasionally voices cartoons. Randy likes cheese.

Devin R. Bruce

Devin is a member of the a cappella group Apocalypse Kow, and a past member of Survival Improv. He hopes he will survive doing two shows this Fringe. He is nothing if not dedicated, and he promises to dedicate himself to your amusement!

Ian Horobin

Ian is a past member of Survival Improv. Recent Fringe credits include Charles Wesley in  “Charles Wesley: O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” and Nick in “Never Trust a Naked Marriage Councillor.” Ian is excited to be improvising again. Why? Because it’s fun!

Kyle Jago

Kyle Jago has been involved in Edmonton’s improv scene since 2000 where he was a part of the Survival Improv troupe. He would have been involved in his high school’s improv team, had his drama teacher heeded his pleas to start a team for three years instead of forming it after Kyle graduated.

Kyle will respond to either his first or last name. However, if you refer to him as Kyle around others, they will be confused. Dammit, guys, I have a first name!

Elizabeth Johannson

Elizabeth learned to improv while working at Celebrations Dinner Theatre in Winnipeg, but she hopes you won’t hold that against her. She moved to Edmonton around 1999 and did some improv with Rapid Fire and Survival Improv before deciding to have children (which severely limits time for such things). Recent Fringe credits include directing “Charles Wesley: O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” and playing Nora in “Never Trust a Naked Marriage Councillor.”

Kris Loranger

Kris started improv long before he knew of marriage, kids and restless nights … he has a lot more material now. You may think you saw him in “Lend Me A Tenor” at the Walterdale Theatre, or just now in the beer tent. Yes and yes. Kris is excited to be working with such a fine #yegprov crew, and hopes you’re having a truly excellent #yegfringe.

Paul Wallace

Paul has been improvising for more years than he cares to mention. Just ask his mother. He began doing it for money when Randy invited him to become a Wombat. You may have seen them at past Fringes on the outdoor stages. In his spare time Paul enjoys selling custom yoyo string.

Stanley Woo

Stan has been Fringing for over half his life, sometimes with a cappella group Apocalypse Kow, and if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that he likes pie. When not performing with the Fringe, Kow or Walterdale Playhouse, he can be seen at BioWare, playing videogames for a living. He enjoys being YEGprov’s token fabulous ethnic minority! Hugs for everyone!

Musician – Keith Horobin

Keith likes to play the guitar. He also likes watching improv. He helps us out with music. Enjoy.

Stage Manager – Anita Kuny

Anita is the goddess of the computer. Wave at her over by the projector. If you are nice to her your tweets may get used in the show.